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April 18, 2013 by cbbeard

One of the most helpful and invigorating parts of my learning are the various conferences I am able to attend throughout the year.  Most of these conferences involve me driving or flying to a location for a few days and attending a marathon of sessions and seminars.  Then, once I return, I am able to pass on what I’ve learned to others through this blog and in my community of faith.

Often times I wish I could have taken others with me to the conferences so they could share the experience first-hand.  Well it just so happens that a month from now, there is a unique conference available that makes that possible.

On May 18th and 25th I will be “tuning in” to the Ecclesia and Ethics – “An eco-friendly and economically-feasible online biblical studies and theology conference.”  This conference is designed to provide an opportunity to hear from a variety of presenters on a variety of topics dealing with the ethical issues for the church, all through the use of the latest internet conferencing technology.

From the conference site directly:

General  Information

Ecclesia and Ethics: An Eco-friendly and Economically-feasible Online Biblical Studies and Theology Conference is an academic and ecclesial conference taking place on Saturday May 18th and Saturday May 25th 2013 in real-time via the high-tech Webinar site http://www.gotomeeting.com. No software will need to be purchased by presenters or attendees, and Webinar access is provided entirely for free due to a generous Capod Innovation Grant through the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Participants and attendees will be able to sign on, present, and listen to or watch presentations from anywhere in the world with reliable internet and a computer. Registration for the conference consists of a $10/£7 (minimum) donation to one of our Recommended Charities. We invite participants to give according to their means above the $10/£7 to one or more of our charities if they feel led and are able.

Main papers will be presented by our Main Speakers: N.T. Wright, Michael Gorman, Dennis Hollinger, Shane Claiborne, Stanley Hauerwas, Brian Rosner, Mariam Kamell, Nijay Gupta, Michael Barber, and Sungmin Min Chun. Additionally, we will have five Multiple Paper sessions throughout the conference, via five Virtual Rooms which will feature papers from a total of 20-25 selected papers. Interested parties are invited to submit an abstract to ecclesiaethics@gmail.com for consideration from January 2013-March 2013.

All conference presenters (both Main Paper and Multiple Paper session presenters) will be allotted a 40 minute time slot with an additional 10 minutes designated for Q+A (50 minutes total). All presentations will be recorded as videos and available for viewing by registered conference attendees with a provided password through T&T Clark’s website. T&T Clark will also be publishing selected proceedings from the conference as a book.

I wanted to share this excellent opportunity so that others might join in.  Check out all the details at ecclesiaethics.wordpress.com


Oh, and don’t let the fact that I am one of the parallel presenters damage your opinion of this fine conference! ecclesia-and-ethics-flyer_jan-2013-revised1


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